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Heraldic Map of Irish Names

Heraldic Map of Irish Names

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Heraldic Map of Irish Names

Introducing our Heraldic Map of Irish Names, a fascinating and visually stunning piece that celebrates the rich heritage of Irish families. This map, known as the McCourt Heraldic Scroll of Ireland, is a true treasure for genealogy enthusiasts and those interested in their Irish roots.

Unfold this map to reveal a captivating poster that measures 40" tall x 27" wide. The full-color coat of arms for 938 Irish families is beautifully displayed, showcasing the unique heritage of each family. Alongside the coat of arms, you'll find the family location origins on a detailed map of Ireland, allowing you to trace your family's roots across the country.

Turn to the reverse side of the map and discover an index of names and a history of the origins of Irish surnames. This section provides a deeper understanding of the significance and meanings behind Irish surnames. Additionally, the coat of arms for the four provinces of Ireland and the coat of arms for the 32 counties of Ireland are featured, adding to the richness and diversity of this map.

Printed on heavy stock, this double-sided poster is of exceptional quality and is suitable for framing. It's a perfect addition to your home, office, or genealogy collection, allowing you to proudly display and explore your Irish heritage.

Discover the beauty and history of Irish family names with our Heraldic Map of Irish Names. This map is a wonderful gift for anyone interested in Irish genealogy or seeking a meaningful piece of Irish heritage. Embrace your family's story and proudly display this remarkable map that encapsulates the legacy of Irish names.

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