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ILLIT 1st Mini Album ‘SUPER REAL ME’

ILLIT 1st Mini Album ‘SUPER REAL ME’

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About the Album

"SUPER REAL ME" will be available in two distinct versions: "Super Me" and "Real Me," each designed to showcase different facets of the group's unique identity and artistic vision. This debut album is not just a collection of songs, but a statement of ILLIT's ambitious musical direction and their commitment to authenticity and creativity.

What's Inside?

Each version of the album comes packed with exciting collectibles:

  • 76-Page Photobook: Dive deep into the world of ILLIT with exclusive photos and artworks that capture the essence of their debut.
  • Photo Card: Collect a special photo card featuring one of the five members, adding a personal touch to each album.
  • Logo Sticker: Decorate your favourite spaces with a stylish logo sticker that screams ILLIT.
  • Paper Magnet: A unique collectible that fans can display anywhere from lockers to refrigerators.
  • Paper Ornaments: Perfect for personalizing your room, these paper ornaments embody the creative spirit of the album.

The Essence of ILLIT

ILLIT, consisting of five members, operates under the powerful motto encapsulated in their name—derived from "I Will Be It." This phrase emphasizes their proactive and autonomous will, suggesting a versatility and potential that can adapt and excel in various artistic dimensions. The name itself is a testament to their dynamic potential, symbolically representing their capacity to transform and resonate with a global audience.

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