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ITZY Born To Be

ITZY Born To Be

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ITZY's latest album "BORN TO BE" is a dynamic release from the popular K-pop group, offering a variety of collectibles and versions for fans. Available in three distinct versions: Version A, Version B, and Version C, this album is a testament to ITZY's ever-evolving style and energetic musical presence.

Album Components:

  • CD: Contains the tracks of "BORN TO BE,"
  • Photobook (60 pages): A substantial photobook with 60 pages of visually stunning images of ITZY, showcasing the album's concept and themes.
  • Photo Card (random 2 of 16): Collectible photo cards featuring the members, with a total of 16 different types available. Fans receive two random cards.
  • Lyric Book (24 pages): A booklet providing the lyrics of the songs, allowing fans to connect more deeply with the music.
  • Mini-Folding Poster (random 1 of 4): A small, foldable poster available in one of four random designs.
  • Eyes Photo Card (random 1 of 4): A unique photo card with a focus on the members' eyes, available in one of four different types.
  • Mood Film (random 1 of 4): A creative and unique inclusion, offering a mood film in one of four random types.
  • Post Card (random 1 of 4): A postcard featuring ITZY, with four different types available.
  • Poster (random 1 of 2): A larger poster to complement the album, with two different types available.
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