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ITZY Crazy In Love

ITZY Crazy In Love

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ITZY Crazy In Love

Get swept up in the K-pop craze with ITZY's 'Crazy In Love'. Available in six captivating random cover designs, this album is a must-have for any K-pop fan.

Unveil the magic with a 64-page photobook filled with stunning visuals of the group, bringing you closer to your favourite members. The package also includes lyric paper, allowing you to sing along to the heart-touching songs of ITZY.

Eager for more? Every album comes with a random photocard, giving you a chance to collect beautiful images of the ITZY members. Additionally, it includes a fun sticker pack that can be used to decorate your personal items and show off your ITZY love.

'Crazy In Love' is not just an album, it's an immersive K-pop experience. Get your hands on this incredible album from, the top K-pop store in Ireland. Alternatively, feel free to visit our physical store, Zhivago Gifts, in Galway. Discover the best of K-pop with ITZY's 'Crazy In Love'.


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