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ITZY Kill My Doubt

ITZY Kill My Doubt

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ITZY Kill My Doubt (A version)

Looking to amplify your K-pop collection? Look no further than or visit us in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway! We're excited to introduce the captivating new mini album from ITZY, "Kill My Doubt".

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This stunning collection offers an array of ITZY's fierce music and exclusive collectibles available right here in Ireland. The set includes a unique Champion Belt symbolising ITZY's spirit of overcoming self-doubt and obstacles. It's a physical embodiment of their empowering message to fans worldwide.

Open the package to discover an aesthetically curated 60-page photobook filled with exclusive images showcasing the glory of ITZY. The CD, packed with ITZY's latest hits, promises an energy-filled addition to your music library.

The album also includes a detailed lyric book for you to follow along and immerse yourself in the depth of ITZY's music. The four postcards in the set feature each member in their striking album concept outfits, adding a dash of ITZY's style to your collection.

The set also comes with a special collectible "Boxing Ticket". Each ticket symbolises a different member of the group, and you'll receive one at random. To top it off, the package includes two randomly selected photocards from a set of 20.

Available at and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Don't miss out on adding this extraordinary album to your K-pop collection! Follow Our IG @



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