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Itzy Not Shy

Itzy Not Shy

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Itzy Not Shy

Step into the world of bold confidence and vibrant energy with "Not Shy", the impressive third extended play (EP) by South Korean girl group, Itzy. Released on August 17, 2020, by JYP Entertainment, this EP serves as a testament to Itzy's musical evolution and innovative spirit.

"Not Shy" is available in three unique versions and boasts six enticing tracks. This includes the lead single, also titled "Not Shy", a catchy tune that echoes the group's fiery passion and vivacious personality. A striking blend of K-pop, pop rock, and hip hop elements, this EP sees Itzy collaborate with renowned hitmakers such as SM Entertainment songwriter Kenzie and producers LDN Noise.

Each album package of "Not Shy" includes a random cover with three different types, a 72-page photobook, a random photocard, and a lyric accordion book. Showcasing Itzy's signature style, musical prowess, and dynamic energy, "Not Shy" is a splendid addition to any K-pop collection.

Don't be shy; grab your copy of "Not Shy" from or visit us at Zhivago Gifts in Galway. Immerse yourself in the fascinating journey of self-expression and musical growth with Itzy's "Not Shy".


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