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J-Hope Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)

J-Hope Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)

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J-Hope Unveils the Enigmatic "Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)" – Now Available

Step into the whimsical world of J-Hope as you unravel the mysteries held within the much-anticipated "Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)". Now available for the passionate fans of K-Pop and J-Hope enthusiasts, both online at and, and at the celebrated Zhivago Gifts in Galway, Ireland's premier K-Pop Store.

Inside the Box:

  • 100-Page Photobook: Immerse yourself in an extensive photographic journey curated to bring J-Hope's vivid world to life, filled with an eclectic array of pictures that narrate a captivating story.
  • 16-Page Lyric Book: Traverse through the artistic realm of J-Hope’s lyrical genius, each page unfolding poetic narratives that resonate deep within the soul.
  • Random Paper Toy: Add a touch of spontaneity to your collection with a random paper toy, injecting fun and a dash of surprise as you discover which toy you’ve received.
  • Sticker: Personalize your space or belongings with an exclusive sticker, embodying the vibrant and energetic spirit of J-Hope.
  • Photocard: Hold a piece of the artistic journey in your hands with a photocard, a keepsake to forever remember this epic release.

Why Choose "Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)"?

Dive deep into the multidimensional artistry of J-Hope, where each element in the “Jack In The Box (Hope Edition)” has been meticulously crafted to offer fans a rich and immersive experience. Whether it’s the rhythmic tapestry woven through the lyric book or the visual feast offered by the photobook, this edition promises an adventure through J-Hope’s vibrant and imaginative universe.

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