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Jimin (BTS) Face CD

Jimin (BTS) Face CD

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Jimin (BTS) Face CD

Experience the sensational solo debut of BTS Jimin with 'FACE,' an official release that unveils a new and unseen side of his artistry. This stunning CD version comes in two captivating editions: 'Invisible Face' and 'Undefinable Face,' both filled with mesmerizing content.

Indulge in the following captivating contents:

  • CD - Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Jimin's debut with the CD.
  • CD Envelope - Safeguard the musical brilliance in an elegant and stylish envelope.
  • Photobook - Delve into the visual artistry of 'Invisible Face' (76 pages) or 'Undefinable Face' (80 pages) versions, each offering unique insights into Jimin's world.
  • Photo Cards - Collect precious moments with three fixed photo cards and one random photo card (1 out of 3).
  • Post Card - Cherish the special connection with Jimin through a heartfelt postcard.
  • Larger Post Card - Delight in a larger postcard, showcasing Jimin's captivating presence.

Track Listings:

  1. Face-off
  2. Dive (Interlude)
  3. Like
  4. Alone
  5. Set Me Free (Part 2)
  6. Like/Dear ARMY (English Version)

Witness Jimin's artistic brilliance as he unveils his 'FACE' in this solo debut. Choose between the 'Invisible Face' and 'Undefinable Face' editions to delve into Jimin's mesmerizing journey. Experience the unparalleled magic of BTS's Jimin in 'FACE.'

Secure your copy of the CD version at, Ireland's premier K-Pop store, or visit our physical store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Don't miss this extraordinary musical journey as Jimin showcases his talent in this remarkable solo debut.

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