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K-Pop Photocard Holder

K-Pop Photocard Holder

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K-Pop Photocard Holder

Discover the perfect solution to organize and protect your precious photocards with our K-Pop Photocard Holder. This high-quality binder is designed specifically for star photocards, providing you with a convenient and secure way to store and display your collection.

The binder features 25 sheets with a total of 200 pockets, offering ample space to showcase your favorite photocards. Each pocket is designed to comfortably fit a 4-inch photo, ensuring that your K-Pop photocards are beautifully presented.

Our photocard holder is crafted with a loose-leaf refillable A5 6-ring binder, allowing you to easily add or remove pages as needed. This flexibility ensures that your collection can grow and evolve over time without any hassle.

The clear cover of the binder provides a blank canvas for personalization. Let your creativity shine as you decorate the cover with stickers.

Not only does our photocard holder offer practicality and protection, but it also adds a touch of style to your collection. The sleek and professional design allows you to proudly showcase your K-Pop photocards while keeping them safe from damage.

Don't let your precious cards be scattered and unprotected. Invest in our K-Pop Photocard Holder, available at and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway, Ireland's premier K-Pop store. Take the first step towards organizing and preserving your collection in style. Get yours today and start displaying your favorite star photocards with pride.

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