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Kard Re:

Kard Re:

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KARD - Re:

KARD's fifth mini-album "Re:" is a notable feature in our K-Pop sale. Released on June 22, 2022, with the dynamic "Ring the Alarm" as its title track, this album marks a significant return for the group. It is their first release in two years following their single album "Way With Words" and J.Seph's return from the military.

Album Components:

  • Photobook: An 84-page photobook that offers fans a visual journey through the concept and aesthetics of the "Re:" album, showcasing KARD's unique style.
  • Lyrics Book: This book provides the lyrics to the songs on the album, allowing fans to connect deeper with the music.
  • Random 4-Cut Photo: A unique collectible item, featuring candid shots of the KARD members in a four-cut photo style.
  • Sticker: Themed stickers related to the album, perfect for personalizing fan belongings or as a collectible.
  • Random Photocard: A collectible photocard featuring one of the KARD members, with various versions available for fans to collect or trade.

K-Pop Sale Highlights:

  • "Re:" by KARD is part of our special K-Pop sale, offering fans an opportunity to purchase this comeback album at a great price.
  • The sale features a wide array of K-Pop albums, catering to fans looking to expand their collection with both new releases and classic albums.
  • This sale presents an excellent opportunity for KARD fans and K-Pop enthusiasts to dive into the group's music and own a piece of their comeback story.

KARD's "Re:" is more than just a mini-album; it's a celebration of their return to the music scene, showcasing their evolution and continued commitment to their unique co-ed group dynamic. The inclusion of a photobook, random photocards, and other collectibles makes it a valuable item for collectors and fans alike. With its special sale price, it's a fantastic opportunity to experience KARD's dynamic music and the vibrant world of K-Pop. Don't miss out on the chance to add "Re:" and other amazing K-Pop albums to your collection at discounted prices.

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