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KINGDOM - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN

KINGDOM - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN

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KINGDOM - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN

KINGDOM's "History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN" marks the concluding chapter of their ambitious Season 1 project, which has seen the group forging a unique path in the K-pop industry. Renowned for blending historical concepts with a cinematic flair, the group has steadily built a reputation as 'Cinematic Idols.' With this latest release, fans can expect a culmination of the grand narrative that KINGDOM has been crafting, narrating the stories of seven distinctive kingdoms.

Album Contents:

  • Cover: With dimensions of 150 x 210 x 12mm, the album's cover is available in two versions, each likely featuring stunning artwork that aligns with the regal and opulent aesthetic that has characterized previous releases in the series.

  • Photo Book CD R: The photo book, with its generous 68 pages, promises a visual feast, taking fans deeper into the lore of JAHAN. At 142 x 204mm, it's substantial enough to offer a wealth of imagery and perhaps snippets of narrative that provide context to the music.

  • Bookmark Card: Adding to the collectible nature of the album, each comes with a random bookmark card from a set of seven, each presumably featuring a member of the group. These are not only functional but also serve as a cherished piece of memorabilia for fans.

  • Photo Card: In keeping with K-pop album traditions, this album includes a random photo card out of a possible seven, with two versions for collectors to chase. These are standard in size at 55 x 85mm and are prized by fans for their collectibility and the personal touch they add to each album.

As a finale to their first season, "History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN" is expected to showcase the pinnacle of KINGDOM's artistry, with music that resonates with the group's signature sound. The album's concept likely draws on the imagery and symbolism associated with the Kingdom of the Sun, wrapping up the existing storyline while possibly laying the groundwork for future creative endeavors. For fans, this album is not just a collection of songs but a piece of KINGDOM's evolving legacy.

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