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Kingdom History Of "Mujin"

Kingdom History Of "Mujin"

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Kingdom History Of "Mujin"

Explore the magical saga of the K-pop sensation Kingdom with their sixth EP "History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin". Now available for purchase at or in-person at Zhivago Gifts, Galway.

Released on March 23rd, Kingdom returns to continue their historic narrative with the captivating lead single "Dystopia". Encased in a beautifully crafted cover available in two random designs – Bloom and Soul, this EP is sure to be a splendid addition to your K-pop collection.

Inside, you will find a comprehensive 68-page photobook brimming with exclusive images capturing the majestic aura of Kingdom. It offers an intimate look into their journey, letting you delve deeper into the Kingdom saga.

The package also includes a random letter card, giving you a personal and unique connection to the band. A random photocard is included as well, allowing you to keep a piece of Kingdom with you wherever you go.

And the surprises don't stop there! The EP also includes a symbolic paper lantern, further enriching the atmosphere of the Kingdom narrative.

Experience the grandeur of Kingdom's musical narrative with the "History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin" EP. This collection offers a perfect blend of artistry, music, and exclusive collectibles from the Kingdom universe. Order yours now from or pick it up in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Embark on this historic journey with Kingdom and immerse yourself in their majestic realm.


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