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Le Sserafim Fearless

Le Sserafim Fearless

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Le Sserafim "Fearless" Album: The Latest Sensation in Ireland's K-Pop Scene!

Experience the magic of K-Pop with Le Sserafim's "Fearless" - an auditory journey that promises to transcend boundaries. Exclusively available from, Ireland's premier K-Pop destination, and also in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway – the heart of Ireland's K-Pop culture.

🌟 Album Features 🌟:

  • Random Cover Selection: Will it be the mysterious 'Black Petrol' or the captivating 'Blue Chypre'? Let fate decide for you! (or you can ask us lol)
  • Exclusive Content: Revel in a visually stunning 122-page booklet that promises to be a feast for the eyes.
  • Collectible Goodies: Each album comes with a random photocard, adding an element of surprise. Plus, you'll find a unique sticker, an artistic postcard, and trendy transfer paper inside, making every album a treasure trove of K-Pop memorabilia.

🎵 Why Le Sserafim's "Fearless"? 🎵

"Fearless" by Le Sserafim isn't just an album; it's an experience. Dive deep into the soulful tunes, meaningful lyrics, and the world of Le Sserafim. The "Fearless" album is more than music; it's a statement, a movement, a part of the ever-evolving K-Pop legacy.

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