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Liverpool FC MINIX Figure 12cm Van Dijk

Liverpool FC MINIX Figure 12cm Van Dijk

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Virgil Van Dijk MINIX Figure - A Must-Have for Liverpool FC Fans

Celebrate the talent and presence of one of Liverpool FC's standout players with the officially licensed Virgil Van Dijk MINIX Figure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this collectible figurine captures the essence of Virgil Van Dijk, the formidable defender who has made a significant impact on the football world.

Football Star Collectible

As part of the MINIX Football Stars series, this figurine is a numbered collector's item, allowing you to join the ranks of devoted fans and collectors who appreciate the skill and dedication that players like Virgil Van Dijk bring to the pitch.

Officially Licensed

Rest assured, the Virgil Van Dijk MINIX Figure is an officially licensed product, ensuring its authenticity and quality. It's designed to reflect Van Dijk in his Liverpool team kit, complete with the iconic number 4 on his back.

Realistic Detail

This figurine boasts a striking resemblance to Virgil Van Dijk, from his distinctive facial features to the meticulously recreated Liverpool kit. Whether you're a Liverpool FC fanatic or simply a football enthusiast, this figurine captures the essence of the player.


Measuring approximately 12cm x 5cm x 4cm, this figurine is compact and ready to grace your display shelf, desk, or any spot you choose to showcase it. It's a display-ready collectible that allows you to celebrate the football star's contribution to the sport.

A Tribute to Football Excellence

Virgil Van Dijk is known for his exceptional defensive prowess and leadership on the field. Whether you want to pay tribute to his achievements or add a piece of Liverpool FC history to your collection, this figurine serves as a fitting tribute to a football star.

Collect Them All

If you're an avid football memorabilia collector, consider adding the Virgil Van Dijk MINIX Figure to your collection. With its officially licensed design and attention to detail, it's a standout piece among football figurines.

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