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Liverpool Rubik's Cube

Liverpool Rubik's Cube

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Liverpool FC Edition Rubik's Cube: A Puzzle for the Football Fanatic

Twist, Turn, and Tackle the Puzzle with Liverpool FC Flair

The Classic Cube with a Liverpool Twist
Merge your love for football and puzzles with the Liverpool Football Club Rubik's Cube. A fresh take on the classic 70s puzzle, this edition is a nod to the storied football club, transforming the iconic cube into a collector's item and a challenging game of wit.

A Cube That's in a League of Its Own

  • Sporty Aesthetic: Featuring Liverpool FC's emblematic red, club logos, images of Anfield, and a lively crowd scene, this cube is dressed to impress.
  • Gift-Ready Packaging: Presented in a Liverpool FC-branded box, it's a ready-made gift for fans of all ages, avid puzzle solvers, and Rubik's Cube enthusiasts.
  • Cognitive Exercise: Beyond its appeal as a piece of memorabilia, the Liverpool FC Rubik's Cube is a brain-booster, perfect for sharpening memory and problem-solving skills.

Not Just a Game, But an Experience

With the Liverpool FC Rubik's Cube, the challenge extends beyond mere amusement. It's an addictive, engaging pastime that may just sideline your conversations as fans become engrossed in aligning the colours and solving the cube.

Bring Home the Game That Celebrates Your Team

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Liverpool FC with this distinctive Rubik's Cube. Suitable for Reds fans aged 7 and above, it promises hours of engaging fun. Ready to tackle the puzzle? Get your hands on this unique game at, where your love for football and puzzles collide!

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