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Man Flu Tissues

Man Flu Tissues

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🤒 Man Flu Tissues: Combat the Epidemic! 🤧

Battle the Man Flu
We've all been there – the sniffles, the aches, the undeniable dread of man flu. But fear not, for the Man Flu Tissues are here to save the day! Specifically designed for those who are really, really, really poorly.

Soft and Strong
Each tissue is double-ply, ensuring that they're gentle on the nose while being robust enough to tackle even the most powerful of sneezes. No more red noses; just soft, soothing relief!

Perfectly Portable
With 10 tissues in each pack, it's the ideal size to carry around. Whether you're at the office, on the go, or snuggled up in bed, these tissues are your trusty sidekick.

The Ideal Gift
Know someone who's come down with a case of the man flu? Brighten their day and maybe even crack a smile with this tongue-in-cheek gift. It's the little things that make the recovery process a tad bit bearable!


  • 🤧 Double Ply - Ultra-soft yet strong.
  • 🎁 Gag Gift - Light-hearted gift for the "seriously sick".
  • 🏥 Emergency Ready - Always be prepared for the next sneeze or sniffle!

Offer a touch of humour and a whole lot of comfort with the Man Flu Tissues. Because sometimes, laughter (and a good tissue) truly is the best medicine! 🤧❤️🛌

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