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Margo 70 Songs

Margo 70 Songs

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Margo: 70 Songs - 4-CD Box Set

Dive into the illustrious career of the Queen of Country Music, Margo, with this specially curated 70 Songs 4-CD Box Set. Spanning five decades of her remarkable journey in music, this collection features a treasure trove of hits, heartfelt ballads, and memorable duets with legendary artists such as Dolly Parton, Larry Cunningham, and her brother, Daniel.


Disc One:

  1. Thanks For The Memories
  2. An Old Photograph On My Knee
  3. I'm Still Here
  4. A Trip Through Ireland
  5. These Hills (That I Call Home)
  6. This House (A Home)
  7. A New Tomorrow
  8. Fly Me West
  9. Pocketful of Dreams
  10. Silver Sandals
  11. James Connolly
  12. The Streams of Bunclody
  13. Highway of My Life
  14. Patches In Heaven
  15. Coastline of Galway
  16. Letter to Heaven
  17. It's Good to See You
  18. Supper Time

Disc Two:

  1. Knowing You'll Be There
  2. The Boys in Blue
  3. Fields of Hope
  4. Rosslare Harbour
  5. Mine
  6. New Patches
  7. Yes Mr. Peters
  8. Shanagolden
  9. Nobody's Home
  10. Broken Engagement
  11. Lonely Nights in London
  12. Tipperary Far Away
  13. Old Friends of Mine
  14. Wexford's Hearts of Gold
  15. Wrong Direction Home
  16. All I Have for You Mum
  17. Paint Me a Picture of Ireland
  18. Dingle Bay

Disc Three:

  1. The Old House
  2. Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over
  3. A Land Far Away
  4. The Heart That Beats in Ireland
  5. Isle of the Welcomes
  6. Grandma's House
  7. Memories of Life in Donegal
  8. Lonesome Mother's Call
  9. I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today
  10. I'll Forgive and I'll Try to Forget
  11. Shade of the Family Tree
  12. Hard Times
  13. Two's Company
  14. A Love That's Lasted Through The Years
  15. The Third Man
  16. My Dear Father I've Loved You
  17. Dear John

Disc Four:

  1. God's Colouring Book
  2. The Way Back Home
  3. The Cottage
  4. Heaven's Grocery Store
  5. The Loan
  6. May We All Someday Meet Again
  7. Happy Birthday Mother
  8. Hello Darlin'
  9. I Overlooked an Orchid
  10. Bonny Irish Boy (Live)
  11. The Blind Child
  12. Irish Eyes
  13. Home to Achill Island
  14. Philadelphia Lawyer
  15. Learning to Say Goodbye
  16. Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long
  17. Friends

Explore the timeless melodies and soul-stirring lyrics that define Margo's unparalleled legacy in country music. This comprehensive collection is a must-have for any true enthusiast of heartfelt storytelling and authentic musical craftsmanship.

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