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Memory Maze

Memory Maze

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Memory Maze - Test Your Memory Skills!

Challenge your memory like never before with Memory Maze, the game that tests your ability to remember and replicate an ever-increasing, random flashing light and sound sequence. Can you follow the sequence through 15 challenging steps to claim victory?

Plastic-Free Packaging:

We care about the environment, which is why the Memory Maze now comes in plastic-free packaging. Enjoy your game guilt-free, knowing you're making a sustainable choice.

Batteries Included:

To get started on your memory journey, the game comes ready with 3x AG13 batteries. No need to worry about finding the right batteries; they're included and ready for action.

How to Play:

  • Watch and listen carefully as Memory Maze creates a sequence of flashing lights and sounds.
  • Your task is to replicate the sequence with precision.
  • As you progress, the challenge intensifies with each step.
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