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Mirae Marvelous

Mirae Marvelous

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Mirae Marvelous

The "Marvelous" album from Mirae is truly a marvel of its kind! This exclusive package brings together a range of unique items for a comprehensive fan experience. It is now available from and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway.

First off, the package includes an expansive 80-page photobook. Filled with exclusive images, this photobook gives fans a closer look at Mirae, documenting their journey in a beautifully presented format.

To further enhance your experience, the package also contains a random photocard. This is a highly collectible item featuring a high-quality image of a Mirae member. A surprise with every package, the photocard you receive is sure to add an element of fun and suspense to your unboxing experience.

As part of the package, you also receive a random student ID card. This quirky inclusion offers a unique and fun insight into the imaginary school life of Mirae members.

Adding to the school theme, there's a random school record card. Another playful addition, this card brings the school concept to life and deepens your connection with the Mirae members.

The package also includes a timetable. A delightful token from Mirae's school concept, this timetable can add a K-pop touch to your daily schedule planning.

Lastly, the package comes with a vibrant sticker. Use this to show off your Mirae fandom on your laptop, phone case, notebook, or anywhere else you'd like.

The "Marvelous" album from Mirae is a must-have for any K-pop collector or fan of the group. Secure your package today and join Mirae on their musical journey!


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