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MONSTA X Mini Album Vol. 11 - SHAPE Of LOVE (Kit Album)

MONSTA X Mini Album Vol. 11 - SHAPE Of LOVE (Kit Album)

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Attention MONBEBEs and K-Pop aficionados! MONSTA X is back, weaving musical enchantment with their Mini Album Vol. 11, titled "SHAPE Of LOVE". This Kit Album isn't just a collection of tracks—it's an immersive journey through MONSTA X's unique world of love and passion. Now available at and for the ardent fans in Galway, grab your copy in-store at Zhivago Gifts, the very heart of Ireland's K-Pop scene.

🌟 What Awaits You Inside the SHAPE Of LOVE Kit Album? 🌟:

  1. Air Kit: An innovative format that brings the world of MONSTA X to your fingertips.
  2. Title and Credit Card: A sleek card detailing the album's core essence and the brilliant minds behind it.
  3. Postcard: Dive into the visual narrative of MONSTA X with a specially curated postcard.
  4. 24-Page Photocard: A visual treat with 24 pages that perfectly capture the aura and charisma of MONSTA X.
  5. Random Member Photocard: An exciting element of surprise awaits! Receive a photocard of a random MONSTA X member.

🎵 SHAPE Of LOVE Track List 🎵:

  1. LOVE (Title Track): An anthem that embodies the quintessential MONSTA X sound and emotion.
  2. Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB): Dive into electrifying beats, enhanced by the global music sensation R3HAB.
  3. Breathe: A track that resonates with heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring lyrics.
  4. Wildfire: Experience the blazing passion of MONSTA X in this unforgettable track.
  5. 사랑한다: Let MONSTA X serenade you with their heartfelt confession of love.
  6. AND: A grand finale, wrapping up the album with a signature MONSTA X touch.

As MONSTA X continues to shape the landscape of K-Pop with their distinctive sound and unparalleled energy, the "SHAPE Of LOVE" Kit Album promises to be a sonic and visual delight for fans worldwide.

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