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NCT Resonance Part 2

NCT Resonance Part 2

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NCT Resonance Part 2

Extend your K-pop collection with thrilling NCT album, "Resonance Part 2", now available at and at Zhivago Gifts, Galway.

Continuing their journey of dynamic music and engaging narrative, NCT offers another array of distinctive soundscapes and impactful performances with this album. The package, which is as visually appealing as the tracks are sonically, offers a stunning assortment of collectibles that fans will love.

Firstly, there's a photocard, a highly coveted item for every K-pop fan. The photocard provides a personal touch, featuring a snapshot of one of the band's members. You can keep it in your wallet, pin it up on your bulletin board, or use it as a bookmark.

Next up, the unique ID card is a fun and authentic item that makes you feel like an honorary member of the NCT team.

The package also includes a lively sticker set, perfect for personalizing your laptop, phone case, or any surface that could use a pop of K-pop!

Lastly, the album comes with a poster, featuring the band in all their charismatic glory. It's the perfect decoration for your room, creating a daily reminder of your favorite band and their music.

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