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NewJeans - 1st EP Weverse Albums ver.

NewJeans - 1st EP Weverse Albums ver.

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NewJeans - 1st EP Weverse Albums Version

NewJeans' 1st EP Weverse Albums version is a distinctive release that showcases the group's fresh style and musical approach. This version of their debut EP offers fans an exclusive look into NewJeans' world through its unique packaging and collectible items.

Packaging and Contents:

  • Lyrics Booklet: 28 pages of lyrics, providing fans with a deeper understanding of the songs and their meanings.

  • Photo Card Set: A set of 10 photo cards, with one out of three possible sets available. These photo cards feature various images of the NewJeans members, making them highly collectible.

  • QR Card: Includes one out of three possible QR cards. These cards typically offer access to exclusive digital content, such as special videos, photos, or messages from the group.

The Weverse Albums version of NewJeans' 1st EP is a special release that not only brings the music to life but also offers fans a closer connection to the group through its thoughtfully curated content. The photo cards and QR card add an interactive and personalized element, making this version a must-have for fans and collectors.

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