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NewJeans Get Up Powerpuff Girls Version

NewJeans Get Up Powerpuff Girls Version

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NewJeans Get Up Powerpuff

Revolutionize your K-Pop collection with the latest EP, 'Get Up Powerpuff', from the globally acclaimed girl group NewJeans. Known for their record-breaking performances, NewJeans have once again showcased their unmatchable talent in their 2nd EP, now available in the special Bunny Beach Bag version.

The Powerpuff Version comes in 2 unique versions. Each version is a treasure trove of exclusive content.

The POWERPUFF GIRLS X NJ Box ver. includes a CD, CD Envelope, Outbox, 3 Photo Books (84 pages each), Lyric Book (24 pages), Photo Card Envelope, 5 Photo Cards, Sticker Envelope, 3 Stickers, 5 Post Cards, 2 Bookmarks. Retail Exclusive: Post Card. Box Dimensions: 197mm x 133mm x 28mm

Available at, Ireland's premier K-Pop destination, and in-store at Zhivago Gifts in Galway. Experience the best of K-Pop in Ireland today! Don't miss out on this exciting release from the sensational NewJeans.

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