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Newjeans Get Up Weverse Edition

Newjeans Get Up Weverse Edition

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NewJeans – 2nd EP Get Up (Weverse Albums Version)

NewJeans' 2nd EP, "Get Up," presented in the Weverse Albums version, offers a unique and immersive experience for fans. This version, packaged thoughtfully, includes several collectible items, making it a valuable addition for enthusiasts of NewJeans and K-pop collectors.

Contents of the Weverse Albums Version:

  • Box: The entire set comes in a specially designed box, adding to its collectibility and making it a perfect keepsake for fans.

  • Lyric Paper (28 pages): This booklet allows fans to delve into the lyrics of the songs on "Get Up," providing a deeper understanding and connection to the music.

  • Photocard Set (10 pcs.): A collection of 10 photocards featuring the members of NewJeans. These are a staple in K-pop merchandise and are prized for their collectibility and aesthetic appeal.

  • QR Card: A unique inclusion that typically provides access to exclusive digital content such as special videos, photos, or personalized messages from NewJeans.

The Weverse Albums version of "Get Up" is not just an EP; it's a carefully curated package that offers fans more than just music. It's an opportunity to connect with the group on a deeper level, through both the lyrics and the exclusive content accessed via the QR card. The photocard set and lyric paper make this version a must-have for fans, providing a tangible connection to the music and the group.

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