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Newjeans Bluebook

Newjeans Bluebook

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Newjeans Bluebook

Embark on a musical journey with K-Pop icons NewJeans as they present their latest album, Bluebook This album is not just music; it's a captivating experience that brings together the magic of their sound and the artistry of their visuals.

Within the album, you'll find a 68-page photobook that not only offers a visual feast but also a glimpse into the creative process that shaped the music. Every page is a canvas that tells a story, inviting you to delve deeper into the world of "NewJeans."

For those seeking an even more immersive experience, the 76-page pin-up book is a delightful addition. It's a gallery of striking visuals that capture the essence of "NewJeans" and their artistic expression.

Unlock the secrets of their artistry with the manual book set, where you'll find insights, inspirations, and anecdotes that shed light on the making of this exceptional album.

But the journey doesn't end with reading; it continues with personal connection. The ID card establishes you as a part of the "NewJeans" community, and the sticker set allows you to adorn your belongings with their unique symbols.

Collectors will delight in the photocard set, featuring exclusive images that encapsulate the spirit of "NewJeans." And the mini poster set adds a touch of decorative flair, allowing you to bring the visual magic into your living space.

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