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Newjeans OMG Message Card Edition

Newjeans OMG Message Card Edition

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Experience the electrifying world of K-Pop with NewJeans OMG Message Card edition. It comes in a total of six unique versions, each offering a distinct experience, shipped randomly to add an element of surprise to your purchase.

Each version of the "O M G" album comes in an OUTBOX measuring W 129 x H 174 x T21 mm. The package includes a MESSAGE CARD for each version, W 125 x H170mm with 25ea, allowing fans to experience a more personal connection with the band.

Enjoy leafing through a PHOTO BOOK for each version, measuring W 125 x H 170mm with a total of 52 pages, filled with captivating images of New Jeans. Also included is a LYRIC CARD with one version, measuring W 125 x H 170mm with 12 pages, where you can dive deeper into the songs.

Get your hands on the NewJeans OMG Message Card Edition today from Ireland's favourite K-Pop destination, or drop by our store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Step into the world of K-Pop with New Jeans' "O M G" and take your love for K-Pop to new heights!

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