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Nirvana Socks Outline Happy Faces

Nirvana Socks Outline Happy Faces

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Nirvana Socks - Outline Happy Faces

The Perfect Footwear for Grunge Lovers!

Product Description:

Step out in style and pay tribute to the iconic grunge band with the official Nirvana Ankle Socks! Adorned with the emblematic 'Outline Happy Faces' design, these socks are more than just a clothing accessory - they're a statement of your musical allegiance.


  • Fits UK sizes 7 - 11.

Key Features:

  1. Genuine Band Merch: Officially licensed Nirvana merchandise, ensuring authenticity and quality.
  2. Distinctive Design: Features the iconic 'Outline Happy Faces' motif, symbolizing the grunge era and the band's legacy.
  3. Deep Black Base: Offers a versatile backdrop that highlights the vibrant design.
  4. Supreme Comfort: Crafted from a cotton-rich blend, these socks ensure both comfort and durability.

Style Description:

  • Design: Iconic 'Outline Happy Faces' sprawled across a deep black background.
  • Colour: Classic black, offering versatility for various footwear and outfits.
  • Material: A perfect blend of 86% Cotton for softness, 12% Polyamide for durability, and 2% Elastane for stretch.
  • Pattern: All-over intricate woven design ensuring the design lasts as long as the socks do.

Why Choose These Socks:

  • Unique Accessory: They aren't just socks; they're a piece of grunge history!
  • Comfort Meets Style: Stay comfortable while showcasing your impeccable taste in music.
  • Versatile Wear: Pair them with sneakers, boots, or even sandals for the bold-hearted.
  • Gift Potential: A delightful gift for the 90s grunge lover or any Nirvana fan in your life.
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