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Nu'est Romanticize - Ireland KPop

Nu'est Romanticize - Ireland KPop

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Nu'est Romanticize: Dive Deep into a K-Pop Romantic Fantasy!

Attention L.O.Λ.Es and K-Pop enthusiasts! Nu'est brings you closer to their world with their enchanting album "Romanticize". A melodic journey that paints a canvas of love, emotions, and dreams, it's a must-have for every K-Pop collection. Secure your copy today from and for those in Galway, you're in luck! Find it in-store at Zhivago Gifts, the pinnacle of K-Pop shopping in Ireland.

🌟 What Unfolds Inside Nu'est Romanticize? 🌟:

  1. Choice of Cover: The album comes with a random cover, offering 5 unique designs, each radiating its own charm that encapsulates the essence of Nu'est.

  2. 52-Page Photobook: Delve deep into the visual storytelling of Nu'est with high-quality shots that capture every facet of their artistry and charm.

  3. Random Photobook: A surprise awaits! Each album comes with an additional random photobook, adding a unique touch to your Nu'est collection.

  4. Lyrics Book: Sing along with Nu'est, and get lost in their poetic and heart-touching lyrics with a dedicated lyrics book.

  5. Photo Postcard: A visual treat in the form of a postcard, adding a personal touch from Nu'est to their fans.

  6. Bookmark: A special keepsake to mark your favorite pages or moments in the photobook.

With "Romanticize", Nu'est delves deep into the realm of emotions, spinning tales of love, dreams, and passions that resonate with fans worldwide. Every element in the album, from the music to the photobooks, has been crafted with meticulous detail, reflecting Nu'est's commitment to their art and their fans.


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