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Nu'est Needle & Bubble - SALE!

Nu'est Needle & Bubble - SALE!

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Nu'est Needle & Bubble

Experience the magic of K-pop with Nu'est's 'Needle & Bubble', now on sale for a limited time! Brought to you by and available in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway, this immersive album set is a must-have for any Nu'est fan or K-pop collector.

'Needle & Bubble' offers a unique look into the world of Nu'est, featuring a 100-page hardcover photobook filled with stunning visuals of the group. Every page captures the charisma and energy of Nu'est, making this photobook a prized piece in any K-pop collection.

This package doesn't stop at visuals, though. Uncover the deep and meaningful lyrics penned by the members themselves with the included 8-page lyric book. With each line, you'll feel closer to the group and gain a deeper understanding of the stories they want to tell.

Adding to the charm of the package is a selection of collectibles. You'll receive a random photocard, an exclusive bookmark featuring a message from Nu'est, and a random postcard showcasing the group's versatile aesthetics. Each item adds a unique touch to the package, encapsulating different elements of Nu'est's persona.

Remember, the 'Needle & Bubble' package by Nu'est is currently on sale, so don't miss this opportunity to add this extraordinary collection to your K-pop library.

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