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Omega X What's Goin On - SALE!

Omega X What's Goin On - SALE!

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Omega X What's Goin On

Discover the sensational sound of Omega X with their album 'What's Goin On'. This product is available for purchase online at and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway, offering K-pop fans an opportunity to delve deeper into the musical world of Omega X.

With 'What's Goin On', you get more than just an album. Each package comes with a 60-page photobook that highlights the group's dynamic visuals and captivating charisma. Each page is a window into Omega X's world, capturing the essence of the group through beautiful photography.

The album package is offered in three random cover types, each adding a layer of mystery and excitement to your purchase. Will you get your favorite member or discover a new bias?

But that's not all - the 'What's Goin On' album package also includes exclusive fan collectibles. You'll receive a random photocard featuring one of the Omega X members, a unique sticker that represents the group's style, and a mini poster to decorate your space.

This 'What's Goin On' package by Omega X is a must-have addition to any K-pop collection. Be the first to know about the latest K-pop releases and promotions by following our Instagram account at Order now and immerse yourself in the extraordinary journey of Omega X!


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