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Park Ji Hoon My Collection - SALE!

Park Ji Hoon My Collection - SALE!

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Park Ji Hoon My Collection

Unleash your K-pop passion with Park Ji Hoon's 'My Collection' album. A must-have for all fans, this product is available for purchase online from or in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. 'My Collection' is a wonderful blend of Park Ji Hoon's musical artistry and charismatic personality, promising to deliver a unique K-pop experience.

Inside the 'My Collection' package, you'll find a beautifully designed 64-page photobook that vividly captures the essence of Park Ji Hoon's dynamic performances and off-stage moments. Each photo reveals a different facet of Ji Hoon's personality, making this a truly special collectible.

But that's not all. The album also includes a range of exclusive extras that fans will love. You'll receive a unique postcard featuring Park Ji Hoon, perfect for sending a special message to a fellow K-pop fan or keeping for your collection. There's also a fun pop-up card that brings a touch of three-dimensional excitement to your K-pop memorabilia.

Additionally, 'My Collection' comes with a photocard, a popular collectible in the K-pop world. Each card features Park Ji Hoon in various themes and styles. Who knows which card you'll receive? It's all part of the thrill!

Take your love for K-pop to the next level with Park Ji Hoon's 'My Collection'. Remember to follow us on Instagram at for the latest updates, releases, and promotions. Dive into the vibrant world of K-pop with Park Ji Hoon today!

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