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Philips TAR2506/12 Portable Radio FM/MW

Philips TAR2506/12 Portable Radio FM/MW

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¥ Classic design, easy to tune
This analog FM / MW radio will look great in almost any room. The large traditional tuning window makes it easy to see when you have reached the desired frequency. Rotate the side tuning wheel to scroll the indicator along the scale.

¥ Tone control and switching between news and music mode
Make the most of your music with Music mode. Switch to news mode when listening to the news or your favourite radio soap or panel show. Whatever you like, the 9 cm speaker delivers good, clear sound.

¥ Simple controls and a large volume knob
You will never have to search for the volume control again on this radio! In addition to the large volume knob, the radio features switches on the top that allow you to switch between FM / MW signals and sound modes. There is also a headphone jack for private listening.

¥ Put it anywhere
Whatever you listen to, you can take this radio with you wherever you go. Plug the radio into a wall outlet or insert two D batteries and go outside. This radio is the perfect companion for enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony or a picnic in the backyard.

A true classic
From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage, take this traditional-style radio with you. This classic analog FM / MW radio is easy to set up, sounds great and looks great. Are you going outside? Then this radio also works on battery power

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