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Philips In-Ear Sports Headphones (Bluetooth)

Philips In-Ear Sports Headphones (Bluetooth)

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¥ Lean back, because these in-ear sports headphones featuring Bluetooth 5.0 allow you to
enjoy absolute Freedom. These sports headphones let you listen to music on the go and
during workouts.
¥ With a single charge (2 hours), These Philips sports headphones provide you with a total of 6
hours of playback time. So, you wonÕt run out of steam too quickly during your workout
¥ These in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones feature a built-in heart rate monitor. Know
immediately when you need a break or can continue with your workout
¥ These Philips action fit wireless headphones are certified IPX5, which means they are
protected from projected water and sweat
¥ Included in delivery: Philips in-ear sports headphones (Bluetooth, 6 hoursÕ battery life, built-in heart rate monitor, quick charging feature, waterproof) black; USB cable

Train smarter.
Find your intensity with these waterproof wireless in-ear sports headphones. The heart-rate monitor helps you get the best performance from every training session. 6 hours of play time and strong sound push you to the next level.

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