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Planxty Between the Jigs and The Reels [CD/DVD]

Planxty Between the Jigs and The Reels [CD/DVD]

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Product Overview:

Step into the heart of Irish tradition with the definitive collection from the iconic Planxty. This release not only offers a comprehensive exploration of their transformative music, but it also presents a treasure trove of visual performances, many of which have never been shared with the public before. Curated with passion and precision by the band members themselves, this collection captures the essence of Planxty's pioneering journey in the realm of traditional Irish music.

Key Features:

  1. Definitive Collection: This retrospective is the most comprehensive compilation of Planxty's work, ensuring fans both old and new can experience the band's full musical spectrum.
  2. Exclusive DVD: For the first time ever, delve into over two hours of previously unreleased performances sourced from the treasure-trove that is the RTÉ Archives.
  3. Curated by Planxty: Offering a unique insight into the band's journey, every piece of content has been handpicked by the members, ensuring it resonates with their artistic vision.
  4. Tribute to Tradition: Experience the power and poise of traditional Irish music, modernized and magnified by Planxty's unique approach.

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