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Rabidance Fourth Power Of Four - SALE!

Rabidance Fourth Power Of Four - SALE!

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Rabidance Fourth Power Of Four

Dive into the dynamic world of K-pop with Rabidance's compelling 'Fourth Power of Four' album. Specially designed for passionate fans, this album is readily available for your purchase online at or for an in-person experience, visit our store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway.

The 'Fourth Power of Four' features a random cover (A / B) that adds a sense of surprise and excitement with each purchase. Each version offers a different visual appeal, offering fans a unique unboxing experience.

This album comes with a 72-page photobook, filled with exclusive images of the Rabidance members. Each page offers high-quality photos that truly capture the energy and charisma of this talented group. It's a perfect addition to any K-pop fan's collection.

To top it all off, every 'Fourth Power of Four' album includes a folded poster, featuring the members of Rabidance in stunning visual graphics. It's an exciting extra that you can use to decorate your space and express your fandom.

Experience the power of Rabidance with the 'Fourth Power of Four' album today. Don't forget to follow our Instagram page at to stay updated with the latest news, releases, and exclusive promotions. Your journey into the heart of K-pop starts here!

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