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Red Velvet Seasons Greetings 2022 SALE!

Red Velvet Seasons Greetings 2022 SALE!

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Red Velvet 2022 Seasons Greetings: The Quintessential K-Pop Keepsake for Irish Fans!

Celebrate in style with the vibrant and vivacious Red Velvet's Seasons Greetings! A treasure trove of K-Pop delights, it's now up for grabs at If you're around Galway, feel the tangible luxury of this package firsthand at Zhivago Gifts, the heartbeat of Ireland's K-Pop culture.

🌟 Dive Deep into the 2022 Seasons Greetings Package 🌟:

  1. Elegantly Crafted Package: Sized perfectly at 210 X 297 X 54 mm, designed to keep your K-Pop memories safe.
  2. Desk Calendar: A 14-page calendar (170 X 230 mm) that brightens up your space with Red Velvet's charm all year round.
  3. Hard Cover Diary: A 120-page diary (174 X 233 mm) to jot down memories or plan your days in the company of Red Velvet.
  4. Postcard Extravaganza:
    • A chic envelope (130 X 180 mm) containing 12 beautifully designed postcards (102 X 160 mm), each capturing a unique essence of Red Velvet.
  5. Folded Poster Calendar Set: Two captivating posters (287 X 400 mm) to adorn your walls, blending function with art.
  6. Sticker Set: Two vibrant sticker sheets (200 X 287 mm), perfect for personalizing your belongings.
  7. A4 Poster Set: A series of 12 posters (200 X 287 mm) to celebrate Red Velvet's allure each month.
  8. Mini Brochure: A 12-page brochure (174 X 233 mm) giving you a deeper dive into the world of Red Velvet.
  9. Chess Championship Document:
    • Immerse in the game with a 5-piece registration form set (170 X 230 mm) and a 5-piece postcard set (137 X 105 mm) dedicated to the theme.

This compilation isn't just merchandise; it's a journey through the world of Red Velvet, embodying their spirit, creativity, and undeniable charm. Perfect for fans and collectors alike, make the Seasons Greetings 2022 your companion for the year.

Grab yours today from or step into Zhivago Gifts in Galway for an unmatched shopping experience. Don't just mark the days of 2022, celebrate them with Red Velvet!


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