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Red Velvet Seasons Greetings 2023 - Ireland KPop

Red Velvet Seasons Greetings 2023 - Ireland KPop

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Red Velvet 2023 Seasons Greetings: Ireland's Premier K-Pop Collectible for the Year Ahead!

Get ready to usher in 2023 with the elegance and energy of Red Velvet! The Seasons Greetings package is the ultimate K-Pop memento, now exclusively available at And for those strolling through Galway, you can revel in the splendour of this collection at Zhivago Gifts - truly, the heart and soul of Ireland's K-Pop scene.

🌟 Inside the 2023 Seasons Greetings Treasure Chest 🌟:

  1. Desk Calendar: Mark your days with the vibrant visuals of Red Velvet all year long.
  2. Hard Cover Diary: A premium diary with 120 pages, designed to document your year's highlights amidst the company of Red Velvet.
  3. Postcard Bonanza:
    • A sleek envelope housing 15 meticulously crafted postcards, each a snapshot of Red Velvet's enchantment.
  4. Folded Posters: Two artistic posters, serving as a perennial reminder of Red Velvet's iconic presence.
  5. Sticker Set: Two chic stickers to embellish and personalize your cherished belongings.
  6. A4 Poster Set: A dozen posters, each dedicated to the mesmerizing personas of Red Velvet for every month of the year.
  7. Mini Brochure: A 16-page intimate brochure, offering a closer look into the captivating world of Red Velvet.
  8. Photo Card Galore:
    • Dive into a set of 10 photo cards – 5 clear and 5 standard, encapsulating the essence of each member.
  9. 4-cut Photo Stickers: Five unique stickers, each segmented into 4 cuts, adding a touch of Red Velvet to your favorite items.
  10. Detective Document:
  • Delve deep into the detective theme with 5 postcards and 5 profiles, taking fandom to an all-new interactive level.
  1. Special Polaroid Bonus:
  • Stand a chance to be among the lucky ten who will find an exclusive Polaroid, making the package even more special!

Celebrate 2023 with Red Velvet's Seasons Greetings – more than just a collectible, it's a journey with one of K-Pop's most beloved groups. Whether you're a fervent fan or a budding K-Pop enthusiast, this collection is a must-have!

Secure yours now at or immerse yourself in the physical shopping experience at Zhivago Gifts in Galway. Embrace 2023 with the style and spirit of Red Velvet!

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