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RM Indigo - Ireland KPop

RM Indigo - Ireland KPop

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RM Indigo

Experience the profound inner world of BTS's RM with his first solo album, "Indigo", now available at, your ultimate destination for K-Pop in Ireland. You can also find this powerful collection in-store at Zhivago Gifts, located in the vibrant city of Galway.

"Indigo" is a tour-de-force that displays RM's versatile artistry and introspective lyricism. With tracks collaborated with an array of artists, this album offers a unique exploration into the deep and prevailing thoughts of the talented musician.

Each album comes packed with a variety of exclusive content. You'll receive a CD, housed in a stylish CD envelope, and an outbox. In addition, each album includes a beautifully designed booklet, postcard, and a fabric card. You'll also find an instant photo to add a personal touch to your collection, and a poster to show off your K-Pop pride.

But that's not all - you'll also receive a random photocard, one of three unique designs, to add an element of surprise to your unboxing experience.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of RM with "Indigo". Head to to order your copy, or drop by our store, Zhivago Gifts, in Galway. This album is an essential addition to the collection of any discerning K-Pop fan!

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