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Seventeen Face The Sun EP1 Control

Seventeen Face The Sun EP1 Control

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Seventeen Face The Sun

Experience the dazzling world of SEVENTEEN with their highly anticipated 4th album, 'Face the Sun,' featuring the captivating Control Version. Embrace the essence of their artistry through five unique versions: ep.1 Control, ep.2 Shadow, ep.3 Ray, ep.4 Path, and ep.5 Pioneer.

The 'Face the Sun' Control Version offers an extraordinary collection that will leave you mesmerized. Each package comes with an array of delightful surprises, including:

  1. CD - Immerse yourself in SEVENTEEN's mesmerizing melodies and powerful vocals.
  2. Photobook - Explore the captivating visuals and stunning images that showcase the members' charisma.
  3. Artist Logo Highlighter - Embrace your creativity and highlight your love for SEVENTEEN with this exclusive item.
  4. Lyrics Book - Dive deep into the heartfelt lyrics and connect with the emotions conveyed through their music.
  5. Photocard (random 4 of 52) - Collect and cherish your favorite SEVENTEEN members with these exclusive photocards.
  6. PET Card - Adorn your collection with this special PET card featuring the members in all their glory.
  7. Postcard (random 2 of 26) - Experience SEVENTEEN's artistry in a different light with these captivating postcards.
  8. Poster (random 1 of 5) - Adorn your space with a stunning poster that captures the essence of 'Face the Sun.'
  9. Retail Exclusive Postcard (random 1 of 3) - Unlock an exclusive postcard that's available only through retail.

Choose your favorite version or collect them all to indulge in SEVENTEEN's exceptional talent and creativity. 'Face the Sun' is a musical journey that will resonate with your heart and soul, and the Control Version promises an extraordinary experience that every Carat will cherish.

Don't miss the chance to own the 'Face the Sun' Control Version, available at and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway - Ireland's K-Pop Store. Embark on this magnificent musical adventure with SEVENTEEN and celebrate their artistry with the 'Face the Sun' album.

1 Darl+ing
4 March
5 Domino
6 Shadow
7 'Bout You
8 IF You Leave Me
9 Ash
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