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Shinee Hard Photobook

Shinee Hard Photobook

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Shinee Hard Photobook

Discover the mesmerizing world of Shinee with their exquisite "Hard Photobook." This must-have treasure comes in three captivating covers (A / B / C), adding an element of surprise to your collection.

"Hard" is the highly anticipated eighth Korean-language studio album by the legendary South Korean boy band, Shinee. Released on June 26, 2023, through SM Entertainment, this album holds special significance as it marks the group's 15th anniversary and their first release since Taemin's completion of military service.

The "Hard Photobook" takes you on an enchanting visual journey, capturing the essence of Shinee's artistry and charisma. Each page unfolds an array of stunning images, showcasing the members' talents and charm in their distinct style.

With ten captivating songs spanning various genres, including the mesmerizing lead single "Hard," this album is a musical masterpiece that highlights Shinee's unparalleled artistry and growth over the years.

Whether you're a devoted Shawol or a K-pop enthusiast, the "Hard Photobook" is a precious gem that celebrates Shinee's legacy and their triumphant return. Experience the magic and brilliance of Shinee as you delve into this exquisite photobook.

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