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SoccerStarz Liverpool FC Virgil Van Dijk

SoccerStarz Liverpool FC Virgil Van Dijk

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SoccerStarz Virgil Van Dijk: A Miniature Tribute to Liverpool's Defensive Titan

Celebrate the Strength of Liverpool's Defence with This Collectable Figurine

A Must-Have for Fans of Van Dijk and Liverpool FC
The SoccerStarz Virgil Van Dijk figure is a must-have collectable for admirers of Liverpool's defensive powerhouse. This miniature figurine, portraying Van Dijk in the 2023-24 Liverpool home kit, is perfect for fans who appreciate the commanding presence and skill he brings to Liverpool's backline.

Figure Features

  • Detailed Likeness: The figure captures the essence of Virgil Van Dijk, bringing his formidable defensive prowess to life in miniature form.
  • Latest Season Kit: Dressed in the 2023-24 Liverpool home kit, the figurine is an up-to-date representation for fans of the current squad.
  • Ideal for Display: Standing 5cm tall on a green base, it's perfectly sized for display on shelves, desks, or amongst other collectables.
  • Officially Licensed Product: As an official licensed product, it's a quality and authentic piece of Liverpool FC memorabilia.

Perfect For

  • Liverpool Supporters: A fantastic addition to any Liverpool fan's collection, celebrating their defensive stalwart.
  • Football Memorabilia Collectors: A unique item for collectors who specialise in football figurines and memorabilia.
  • Gift for Football Fans: An ideal gift for Liverpool supporters, young football enthusiasts, or collectors of SoccerStarz figures.


  • Size: Approximately 5cm x 2.5cm, making it suitable for various display settings without occupying much space.
  • Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle, perfect for display and repositioning as desired.

Honour Liverpool's Defensive Anchor

  • Available for Purchase: The SoccerStarz Virgil Van Dijk figure can be found at It's an excellent way to celebrate the skill and impact of one of the world's top defenders.
  • Explore More: Discover a wide range of official Liverpool FC gear, collectables, and memorabilia at Zhivago Gifts, catering to fans and collectors of all ages.
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