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Stayc One's Youth 2022 Seasons Greeting Boxset

Stayc One's Youth 2022 Seasons Greeting Boxset

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Stayc One's Youth 2022 Seasons Greeting Boxset: The Must-Have K-Pop Collection for All Irish Fans!

K-Pop lovers in Ireland, gear up for a delightful treat! Stayc One's Youth 2022 Seasons Greeting Boxset promises a plethora of vibrant memorabilia that captures the youthful spirit and undeniable talent of STAYC. Exclusively available online at and for those in Galway, step into the K-Pop haven, Zhivago Gifts.

🌟 Unveiling the Contents of Stayc One's Youth Boxset 🌟:

  1. Photo Book: A beautifully curated 32-page photobook capturing candid moments and showcasing the many facets of STAYC.
  2. Diary: Elegantly designed with 128 pages, this diary is perfect for journaling, planning, or reminiscing about your favourite STAYC moments.
  3. Mini Calendar: Mark out important dates and stay organized throughout the year, with STAYC by your side.
  4. Sticker: Add a touch of STAYC to your personal items with this exclusive sticker.
  5. Student ID Collection: Delve into the school-themed aesthetics with 6 unique student IDs, one for each STAYC member.
  6. ID Photo Set: Get close and personal with the 6-photo set, capturing each member in their radiant glory.
  7. Message Cards: A set of 6 cards, each carrying heartfelt messages from the STAYC members, connecting fans to the heart of the group.

Embrace the youthful energy and infectious charm of STAYC with this Seasons Greeting Boxset. Whether you're a die-hard STAYC aficionado or someone exploring the vast K-Pop universe, this collection offers a slice of pure K-Pop joy.

So why wait? Secure your very own Stayc One's Youth 2022 Seasons Greeting Boxset from Or, for a tactile shopping spree, visit Zhivago Gifts in Galway. 2022 is the year to resonate with the youthful spirit of STAYC!

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