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Stray Kids Cle 1 Miroh

Stray Kids Cle 1 Miroh

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Stray Kids Cle 1 Miroh

Experience the energy of Stray Kids with Clé 1: Miroh, the group's impressive fourth extended play. Released on March 25, 2019, by JYP Entertainment and distributed through Iriver, this EP holds special significance as it was launched to celebrate the group's first anniversary.

Clé 1: Miroh showcases the relentless spirit of Stray Kids, featuring an array of songs that illustrate the group's versatility and prowess in the music scene. The album, stylized as Clé 1 : MIROH, offers an enchanting journey into the captivating world of Stray Kids and their music.

The album package consists of a photobook and a photocard, giving fans the chance to get an intimate glimpse into the band's life and work. This is a treasured souvenir for anyone who appreciates Stray Kids' commitment to their art and their fans.

Don't miss out on this iconic release from Stray Kids. Secure your copy from or visit us at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Lose yourself in the thrilling world of Stray Kids with Clé 1: Miroh, a remarkable album that is a must-have for any K-pop aficionado.

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