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Stray Kids I Am Who

Stray Kids I Am Who

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Stray Kids I Am Who

I Am Who (stylized as I am WHO) is the second extended play that further cemented the groups' position in the K-pop industry. This impressive EP was released digitally and physically on August 6, 2018, by JYP Entertainment, showcasing Stray Kids' wide-ranging musical talents and deep, introspective lyricism.

Featuring a unique blend of rap, vocal prowess, and impactful lyrics, the EP explores themes of self-discovery, growth, and identity, showcasing the depth and artistry of Stray Kids. The album proved to be a commercial success, selling 79,684 physical copies in the month of August alone, and solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Versions are distributed randomly, adding an exciting element of surprise for fans. Both versions of the album delve into the themes and concepts of the album in different yet equally compelling ways, making each version a unique collector's item.

This album is a testament to Stray Kids' musical evolution and their commitment to delivering meaningful and high-quality music. Visit or Zhivago Gifts, Galway, to get your copy of Stray Kids' I Am Who and join their journey of self-discovery.

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