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Stray Kids I Am You

Stray Kids I Am You

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Stray Kids I Am You

I Am You (stylized as I am YOU) is the powerful third extended play by the South Korean boy group Stray Kids. Released both digitally and physically on October 22, 2018, by JYP Entertainment and distributed through Iriver, the album continued the group's exploration of identity and self-discovery.

The anticipation for this album was built up by a showcase titled Stray Kids Unveil: Op. 03: I Am You, held the day before the release at Olympic Hall. This event, coupled with the hype around the album, contributed to its success.

I Am You sold 76,547 physical copies in October alone, further affirming Stray Kids' growing popularity and the positive reception of their music. The album presents a mix of high-energy tracks and heartfelt melodies that highlight the group's diverse musical range and their lyrical depth.

Adding an element of variety for the fans, the album was released in two versions—an “I am” version and a “YOU” version. Each version presents a unique perspective on the album's central themes, creating a comprehensive musical experience.

Dive into the introspective world of Stray Kids with I Am You. Discover the profound messages hidden in their lyrics and the captivating beats that make every song a memorable experience. Get your copy from or Zhivago Gifts, Galway, and join Stray Kids on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

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