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Stray Kids Maxident

Stray Kids Maxident

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Stray Kids Maxident

Immerse yourself in the musical creativity of South Korean boy band Stray Kids with their seventh Korean-language EP, "Maxident". Released on October 7, 2022, via JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, this marks their eleventh overall EP, arriving just seven months after their previous EP, "Oddinary".

A clever blend of "max" or "maximum" and "incident" or "accident", represents a milestone for them as they explore a "love" concept for the first time. The EP is a testament to their collaborative spirit, with the album primarily written and produced by their in-house team 3Racha, along with other band members and renowned producers like Raphael, Daviid, Yosia, Tak, 1Take, Kim Park Chella, Hong Ji-sang, Earattack, Chan's, and Darm.

The eight-track album features the enthralling lead single "Case 143" and a Korean version of "Circus", originally part of the band's namesake Japanese EP.

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