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Stray Kids Photocards - Pack of 30

Stray Kids Photocards - Pack of 30

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Stray Kids Photocards - Pack of 30

This pack of 30 Stray Kids photocards is a delightful collection for fans of the dynamic K-pop group. Featuring all members, including Bang Chan, I.N (Lee Young-Bok), Han Ji Sung, Hwang Hyun-Jin, Seo Chang-Bin, and Lee Min-Ho, these cards capture the essence of each member's personality and style.

Photocard Details:

  • Ultra-Clear Image on the Front: Each photocard features a high-resolution, crystal-clear image of the Stray Kids members, showcasing their unique charm and charisma.
  • Blank Back: The back of each card is kept blank, allowing space for fans to write messages or notes if they choose.

Pack Contents:

  • 30 Photocards: The pack includes a diverse range of images representing all members of Stray Kids. Each card is a visual treat, capturing different aspects of the members' personalities and the group's dynamic.
  • Random Pack Assignment: Each pack is randomly assigned to ensure a varied collection of images. However, if you have a specific member or type of photocard in mind, you can let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Collectible and Versatile:

  • Featuring All Stray Kids Members: The pack covers all members of Stray Kids, making it a comprehensive collection for fans.
  • For Collection or Trade: These photocards are perfect for starting or adding to a Stray Kids collection. They are also great for trading with other fans to complete a desired set.


Whether you're a dedicated Stay (Stray Kids fan) or new to the world of Stray Kids, these photocards offer a wonderful way to celebrate your love for the group. The high-quality prints and diverse images of all members make this pack of 30 a valuable addition to any Stray Kids collection. Collect them, trade them, or simply enjoy the visual representation of one of K-pop's most dynamic groups.

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