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Stray Kids Rock Star SKZ

Stray Kids Rock Star SKZ

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Stray Kids Unleashes "Rock Star": Dive Into the Rhythms of Rock & Roll!

Prepare for a musical roller-coaster ride as Stray Kids presents their latest release, "Rock Star". Exhibiting two fascinating versions – 'Rock' and 'Roll', each tailored to provide fans a unique and thrilling auditory experience.

Album Components for Both Rock & Roll Versions:

  • Photobook (60 pages): A visual delight, this 60-page photobook captures the allure, charm, and sheer talent of Stray Kids in the backdrop of their "Rock Star" theme.

  • CD-R: Let Stray Kids serenade you with their tracks from this quality CD-R, ensuring you have a musical companion wherever you go.

  • Photocard (Random 1 of 16): Collect, trade, cherish. Every album comes with a surprise photocard, with 16 different possibilities. Whose will you get?

  • Unit Photocard (Random 1 of 4): Dive deeper into the dynamics of Stray Kids with a unit photocard, offering a fresh perspective on the members and their camaraderie.

  • Panorama Mini Poster (Random 1 of 3): A visual treat for every STAY out there! This mini poster is a stellar addition to your Stray Kids collection.

We can't guarantee the version but if we are not able to supply the version you order we'll let you know.

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