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Streetz In-Ear True Wireless Ear Buds

Streetz In-Ear True Wireless Ear Buds

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Streetz In-Ear True Wireless Ear Buds


Upgrade your audio experience with the Streetz In-Ear True Wireless Ear Buds, now available at and Zhivago Gifts in Galway. These semi-in-ear headphones come with a 300mAh charging case, ensuring your listening sessions are never cut short. Whether you're heading out for a jog or a night out, Streetz earbuds are your perfect companion.

Designed to fit most ears comfortably, these earbuds feature an open design that keeps you aware of your surroundings. Pairing with your device is a breeze - just remove the earbuds from the case, and they'll automatically connect. Returning them to the charging case not only switches them off but also kickstarts the charging process.

With more than four full charges provided by the supplied charging case, you'll rarely have to worry about battery life. And when a phone call comes in? Simply press the answer button to take the call, and press again to hang up once done.

Streetz earbuds are not just about clear calls, they're perfect for music too. The multifunctional button can play or pause your music, and even skip to the next track or return to the previous one. Experience the convenience and superb audio quality of Streetz In-Ear True Wireless Ear Buds from Zhivago Gifts.


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