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SUPERM Super One A Version

SUPERM Super One A Version

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SUPERM's "Super One - A Version"

Get ready to feel the power of unity and resilience with SUPERM's upcoming album, "Super One - A Version" Known for their dynamic and uplifting music, SUPERM is back to reinforce the message that everyone is "Super" and together, as "One," we can triumph over any challenge. This release is bound to resonate with fans and newcomers alike, encapsulating the spirit of hope and collective strength.

Album Details:

  • Release Date: September 25
  • Record Labels: SM Entertainment and Capitol Records
  • Tracks: The album boasts 15 tracks that showcase SUPERM’s signature energetic and hopeful vibe.

Inside the Album:

  • 1 Booklet: Delve deeper into the world of SUPERM with exclusive images and lyrics.
  • 1 CD-R Booklet: Contains the disc along with additional visual treats.
  • 1 ID Card: A unique collectible for fans, featuring one of the members.
  • 1 ID Card Holder: Perfect for keeping your new ID card safe and sound.
  • 1 Postcard: Send it to a friend or keep it as a keepsake.
  • 1 Folded Poster: Decorate your space with a piece of SUPERM flair.
  • 2 Photo Cards: Collectible items featuring the members, adding a personal touch to each album.

The Collective Message:

SUPERM continues to inspire with their message of unity and resilience. The album "Super One" reflects the group's journey and commitment to spreading positivity through their music. Each track is crafted to uplift and energize, emphasizing that together, we can overcome any obstacle.

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